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Setting Goals                                       

Set Yourself Up for Success, Golden Rules of Goal Setting, SMART Goals, Motivation, Visualisation


Time Management             

The promise of good time management, Wasting time, The Pareto Principle - the 80:20 Rule, Prioritization,

Good time management – techniques,



Leadership Definitions, Leadership Styles, Types of Leadership Style, Situational Leadership, leadership models

Activity - Leadership Vs Management  


Team Building

Defining, Building, creating “The perfect team”, Managing & Leading, Belbin, Tuckman’s  Stages of Team Development,

Activity – discover your Belbin role


Identifying Behaviours

Identifying Personality Types & Behaviours, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The DISC Model of observable human behaviour

Activity– your “DISC” preference  


Dealing with Conflict         

Dealing with Difficult People, What is conflict?, strategies for dealing with difficult people,


Influencing & Negotiating

Circle of Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, The Negotiation Process, Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement,

Introduction to Negotiation Skills, Approaches for successful negotiations

Activity – your conflict management style    


Communication Skills

How Good Are Your Communication Skills?, Getting down to basics, Conveying your message, Listening Skills,

Communication style Strengths and weaknesses, Speed read communication style, Improving Communication

Activity– your communication style


Introducing Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?, Emotional Intelligence Competencies, The Four Elements of EI, Emotional Self-Awareness,

Understanding ourselves, Managing Your Emotions, Improving Your EI

Activity – Your EI score


Introducing NLP

What is NLP?, NLP Operational Principles, NLP Presuppositions

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What previous delegates have said:


I really enjoyed the questionnaires.  The results were very insightful for me and inspiring.  It was interesting that they were very carefully planned, they led to similar conclusions and they considerably increased my self-awareness.  Also, the techniques discussed got me into thinking/analysing situations which I will try in the future.  Finally, the whole experience was inspiring, insightful and invaluable.

Sofia Meachaum


The course helped me in understanding my position in different situations and how I can manage myself better in relation to others.  Great job!

Philip Bruce


I liked the introductions as you get to know the other delegates.  Time management – good reminder on activities I should be doing.  I liked the sharing of Belbin roles.  I liked the interaction.

Craig Newman


Insightful communication exercise – made me think how I consider others when communicating. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

David Merrit


This has been an excellent taster course for required soft skills, a good way to help you decide if you want to study a subject further

Stewart Lipscombe


It has been very interesting and enlightening too see how some of the ideas have shown how others may perceive me and how I could improve.

Michael Stopford


Exercises were good and useful.  Today set me on the road to goal setting and personal awareness/Analysis.  Michael, Thank you.

Gerry Stutters


Another excellent course, thank you very much Michael

Soheir Ghallab


The exercises were enlightening in some cases reinforcing existing views in others and I can see why I irritate certain managers and make others laugh



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