The PRINCE2®  Methodology

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PRINCE2®  Training in London

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Freemasons' Hall Great Queens Street, London

Saturdays during 2018 - 9am to 5pm

"All past delegates of this course would recommend it to a colleague"

A unique training experience


Learn the PRINCE2 methodology in a visual and memorable way with interactive exercises, animations and key characters that bring the PRINCE2 manual to life. Develop your own PRINCE2 process map so you can recall the main events and activities with ease.


With project examples, step through the key aspects and interactions of the methodology, so that through the practical application you are both learning a using PRINCE2.


This absorbing technique will provide you with exceptional understanding and excellent future recall to help you obtain a good pass in a future Foundation exam. You will become confident of your PRINCE2 knowledge during the practice exam at the end of the course.


Enhance your training experience with a tour of Freemason’s Hall and the wonderful Grand Temple, featuring the astonishing mosaic ceiling depicting Masonic ritual, figures and symbols.



This is a unique opportunity to learn what is needed to deliver successful projects with the PRINCE2 methodology.  The PRINCE2© material to be covered is beyond foundation level.  This is a fast paced course covering two days of training material in just one. 


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An innovative training course that will greatly
enhance your project management knowledge and skills to support you in
your career progression and enjoyment.


The aim of the course is to provide you with sufficient knowledge to obtain a good pass in the PRINCE2®  Foundation Examination which is tested with a mock exam.



Course content

Delegate introductions

Project Management principles

Introduction to PRINCE2 Processes

Prince2 Themes introduction

Prince2 Processes and documents; purpose, flow & activities

Themes in detail: Business Case, Organisation, Quality, Plans, Risk, Change, Progress

Bringing it all together – revision

Mock exam.

Feedback & course questionnaire completion


Meet the Team

The characters and their roles that will bring the PRINCE2 Methodology to life


Catch Phrase - Say what you see

An innovative way to remember the products created during a PRINCE2 Project


What is a PRINCE2 Project

The four elements of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Principles

1. Continued business justification

2. Learn from experience

3. Defined roles and responsibilities

4. Manage by stages

5. Manage by exception 

6. Focus on products

7. Tailor to suit the project environment

PRINCE2 Themes

The Business Case








For small projects

PRINCE2 Processes

1. Start up a project

2. Directing a project

3. Initiating a project

4. Managing a stage boundary

5. Controlling a Stage

6. Managing Product Delivery

7. Closing a Project


PRINCE2 Foundation Mock Exam

It is important to note that this is a AXELOS Licenced course (AXTMC00196) but not accredited to obtain PRINCE2®  Qualifications.

The intellectual property rights to my PRINCE2 material is licenced through AXELOS Limited.
My licence number is AXTMC00196

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What my customers say

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for the course back on Saturday and for coming back to us with the results so promptly.
There was huge stretch of me at times and I’m glad I did that well! I mostly enjoyed the clipart. My learning style is visual and kinaesthetic. So, learning concepts with images helped enormously. I still remember the images and I can associate it with the concepts very easily.

Maria F.

"The course was well designed in terms of PRINCE2. Good detail/overview in a short
space of time. Good interaction with delegates. Gave time for questions. Good job Michael.
Satish Kumar

"Fascinating, the flow of processes and activities on PRINCE2
Philip Bruce


"Good course, fast paced. 
Thanks very much again for the training on Saturday

 Chris D

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Cancellation policy

If something prevents you have attending one of my courses, let me know as soon as you can and I will refund your course fee in full.

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